Product Introduction

Water Control Products - Unique products to control water level



With the ROwat HDPE products we can offer the best solution for almost every water management project. The range is extensive, innovative and is manufactured from HDPE and other durable materials such as stainless steel and aluminium, which make it virtually maintenance free.

Thanks to our know-how and far-reaching efficiency in engineering and production, ROwat products are constantly being improved. In addition the selective use of materials provides specific advantages in an optimum product. The majority of out products are modular in construction, i.e. most of the semi-manufactured components are in stock, which means that a product can be assembled and delivered quickly.

The products are a combination of high-quality HDPE materials, stainless steel 316 or aluminium. These materials are highly resistant to chemicals, ageing and weathering. The products are easy to install, partly due to their light weight. In addition the products can be equipped using a wide range of handy accessories such as operating cranks, spigots, spindle extensions, etc. ROwat products are manufactured in a professional way and are characterised by their excellent price quality ratio. You are also assured of professional service and sound technical advice.

The Advantages:
- Maintenance free
- Offers the best solution for almost every water management project
- Fast delivery, due partly to modular construction
- Well engineered and durable construction.
- Low torque operation
- Highly resistant to chemicals, ageing and weathering
- Durable materials

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